Office Event for De Novo 2020

Company: De Novo
Date: October 2020
Format: office event (offline)
Number of participants: 100 people

The main idea – in 2020, of course, we wanted to be together and go on a picnic, and go to the resort, and even go fishing. So why not? Let’s do it – in the office only, and all at once. The office space was divided into different activity zones:

  • “Fishing” zone – the entourage of fishing in the reeds, interactive games, fishing, the activity “Goldfish”
  • “Picnic” zone – green lawn entourage, catering, picnic games, team tasks for development of creativity
  • “Resort” Zone – games with inflatable laps, beach bowling, limbo and Hawaiian necklaces
  • Lottery “12 Birds of Happiness”
  • Photo Quest

The agency’s tasks included full organization of event, production of photo zones, catering, sewing corporate windbreakers.