Amway. Fashion police 2016.

October 2016

Kyiv, «Oasis»

250 people

This project won the 2nd place “Best event for brand” 2017 on Ukrainian Event Awards.


  • Creative conception
  • Reveal the benefits of each Amway product group to their partners
  • Build communication with partners through the prism of health, healthy eating, body caring
  • Turnkey event


  • We selected fashion format for the event. The idea of the “Fashion police” event formed the basis. There were a judge, lawyers, a jury and the accused (guests from the hall) in the courtroom.
  • We tell the guests that any problems can not be blamed, but solved. Our “Court of Beauty” is the fairest and most beautiful court in the world. As an invitation to the event, the guests received fashion subpoenas.
  • Hostess – Beauty police – judicial beauty bailiffs (tall guys in strict suits) who selected the accused from the guests.
  • All rise, the court is in session! Hearing No. 1, “Naughty Hair,” etc.
  • Amway’s products were presented under the auspices of litigation and how they can deal with skin, hair, vitamins, perfumes, etc.
  • Additionally –  a children zone was necessarily equipped for guests convenience