Bee Bee Event Agency. Be interesting.

We are a full-cycle event agency established in 2008.

Our key expertise:

  • responsible #event_strategicthinking
  • effective #event_contentperformance

Our services:

  • strategic planning of events
  • yearlong event strategies and programmes design
  • creation of efficient content concepts
  • development of engaging approaches to event projects
  • corporate and MICE events organization
  • complex projects development and implementation
  • event marketing programmes shaping and activities implementation
  • event consulting

Our strengths:

  • complex event projects
  • marketing schemes
  • corporate and entertaining events
  • all forms of MICE activities and business tourism

We know that tremendous success of the event is composed of enthusiasm and emotional gratification of the participants. Vivid emotional experiences are based on combination of the defined scope, involvement and creative insights of both: the client and the agency team.

Our professional moto: «To generate and maintain the interest of the event’s atendees».

We are the first agency in Ukraine that functions on the principles of the Heart Management System, which forms a new worldwide business culture “people work for people”.

The overriding rule of the agency team is respectful attitude and caring treatment of clients, partners, event participants, colleagues, competitors, the environment and the world.

The agency’s essential value and success origins is our team with universal professional skills in creative field and event industry of over 25 years.

We are the founders of an educational platform «Event Workshops» created in 2017 for marketing managers, HR specialists, top-level managers, owners of small and medium-sized enterprises.


"Об ивентах из первых уст" Bee Bee Event Agency

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